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221 BC review by Kendall Price with Laura Vosika

The Book

This 364-page, 221 BC: Scroll 1 of the Narmer War by Kendall Price and Laura Vosika is about Ancient Civilization of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. This beautifully written novel was published by Mill City Press, Inc. on February 5, 2018.

The Authors

Laura Vosika has co-authored the book, 221 BC with Dr. Kendall Price. Laura has written the Blue Bells Chronicle (which include Blue Bells of Scotland, The Minstrel Boy, The Water is Wide, Westering Home, and the Battle is O'er), Food and Feast, and Go Home and Practice. she is working on some non-fiction books.
Dr. Kendall Price has written Cure Almost any a Mild Runny Nose with the Price Method, Heal Dental Cavities with the Price Method, Cure Almost any Mild Infection with the Price Method, How to Lose Weight with the Price Method and the Price Method with Respect to Cancer and Chronic Disease. Dr. Kendall Price is a third generation Stanford-trained Physician, who is obsessed with exercise and nutrition. His father and grandfathers were surgeons and taught him that the patient is important. He has also written two papers.


Xiphos and Hannibal arrived late to the Delta Theater, a jewel of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
From the central entrance, the companions looked down thirty-two sets of stairs to a portion of the Delta River that had been diverted to form a perfect semicircle around the front of the stage. Small skiffs floated in the water, each holding a rower and three musicians playing lyres, flutes, and other instruments.
The king and his entourage sat front and center at the bottom of the main staircase. Two heavily robed actors with masks gestured and spoke onstage.
“Do we interrupt?” Hannibal asked.
“Pharaoh wants our report,” Xiphos returned.
They descended the long flight of stairs to join Pharaoh at the front of the audience. Queen Berenice, on the king’s right, moved over to allow Xiphos access.
“What did you find?” Ptolemy whispered.
“The tunnel,” Xiphos returned softly. “It’s full of blood. We found a fragment of his robe, and of a woman’s gown. I spoke to my sister, Cynisca. She knows of no scrolls that produce water spells or thunderbolts. Perhaps something is hidden in the Serapeum Library?”
“We’ll begin a search,” Berenice said.
Onstage, one of the actors gestured grandly and called out a line. The audience laughed. “That damned Sosibius!” the king hissed under cover of their clapping. “I know he’s hiding something.” He tugged angrily at the ring.
The king fell silent, leaving Xiphos unsure whether he was to leave or not. Onstage, the actors recited the meeting of the Queen Mother, Atossa, when told of the demise of her cherished son, Xerxes.
“What is the source of their wealth, these Athenians?” asked Atossa.
“Copious silver from their mines in Attica, my queen,” said the messenger.
The king looked over at Berenice and frowned. She nodded in sympathy and shared concern.
“Keep me apprised of developments,” the king told Xiphos.
Xiphos bowed and backed away with Hannibal.
“What did he say?” asked Hannibal as they climbed the stairs.
“Not much. He’s angry, and so is the queen.”
“Better not anger our queen,” Hannibal muttered. “None have forgotten how she killed her first husband; something about a liaison with her mother?”
“Silence! This is serious!” Xiphos whispered harshly.
As the two instructors climbed the staircase, Xiphos scanned the audience, hoping for a glimpse of Princess Arsinoe, longing to see her.
“Do they use the composite bow on horseback?” asked Queen Atossa onstage.
“No, my queen, they grasp the stout spear and wield a massive shield,” answered the messenger.
Xiphos turned to watch.
“Who is their king?”
“They have no king!” The actor’s voice rang out, louder than the previous lines. He turned, facing Ptolemy. “They are a free people!” With the words still ringing, he lunged for the water, screaming, “Death to tyrants!” He leaped the fifteen cubits, hanging for a moment in the air, moonlight flashing off a long, white jade dagger, before landing on one knee and plunging the blade to the hilt into the monarch’s chest. Ptolemy screamed. With another knife in his free hand, the assassin sliced through Pharaoh’s ring finger. Before anyone could move, the actor dropped into the water and disappeared with the severed digit.
Xiphos grabbed Hannibal, dragging him down the stairs. “Hannibal. There!” Xiphos pointed at the water where the assassin had disappeared before racing to attend to the king.
“Got it!” Hannibal leaped over five rows of seats, landing on one of the skiffs. A musician tumbled into the water as Hannibal steadied himself for his next jump. He scanned the channel, seeking a path to intercept the fleeing actor. Thirty cubits ahead, he saw a disturbance in the water. He bounded from one skiff to another in pursuit, toppling musicians to the accompaniment of screams from the theater crowd behind him. Ninety cubits from the murder site, the actor scrambled from the river, into a crowd of vendors, guards, and Alexandrian citizens. A thin cloak obscured his features.

At the king’s side, Xiphos called for help in removing the raging Queen Berenice from her husband. The dagger hilt and handle protruded from the king’s upper-left chest. Blood spilled from the wound, and from where the finger was severed, shooting geysers from the pumping heart.
“Put pressure on the finger!” Xiphos shouted at Berenice.
Trembling, she drew a sharp breath and pulled herself together, pressing a wadded section of her dress to the stump where her husband’s finger had been. “They’ll pay for this,” she whispered.
Grasping the knife handle, Xiphos chanted his mantra and focused his qi into the wound. The blade had passed between the second and third ribs, collapsing Ptolemy’s left lung, nicking the pericardium, and barely missing the heart.
Xiphos closed his eyes. But something disturbed the flow of his qi into the wound. He frowned and focused harder. Slowly, the wound began to close around the knife as he eased it from the king’s chest. Dropping it, Xiphos looked toward the water to see Hannibal swimming hard, ninety cubits away. There was no sign of the assassin. Soldiers swarmed the theater.

I have permission from the authors to use this excerpt in my article.


The backdrop of this book is set in the Ptolemaic Kingdom where magic exists. It is a time of murder, assassinations, power, and greed. Brother will be against brother. Son will try to take the throne from his father. Two brothers race to find and obtain 12 powerful and magical amulets before the other one does. Whoever has the amulets has the power to save or destroy the world. Who will find it?
The book starts out with the murder of the Pharaoh's friend. Who would do this murder and why are the main plots in this book. This is a great book. I loved the way the authors start this book because it captures your attention and you want to read the whole thing to find the who and the why. Even after you know those answers you still want to continue reading it until the end. I can't wait to read the next book. It is written in an easy and understanding way. The characters are believable except for the magic. It is good against the bad. There were twists and turns and it was great. There is even some romance in here. You can tell that this was researched with information on the Ptolemaic family and the Egyptians believe in aliens.
I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who loves a good murder, romance, adventure, and history on ancient civilization. Even fantasy and magic is included.

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Devil's Den by Jeff Altabef review

I am reviewing this great 296-page gripping supernatural thriller novel called, Devil's Den: A Nephilim Thriller Book 1 by Jeff Altabef. It will be published on November 5, 2018, by Evolved Publishing.

The Author

Jeff lives with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Charlie in New York. He writes novels in the thriller and young adult genre. He also volunteers at the writing center in a community college. One of his books, Shatter Point, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Thriller in the Fall of 2017.

The Book

Strap in for the read of your life. This novel is set in the future where the people are divided into districts. You have to have a card to get into some of the districts and some districts are off limits. People are starting to rebel and start a civil war. It's good vs evil. There's talk of End of Days. And in the midst of this is Steven, a former spy, and soldier, coming home to search for his mom. A mom he hasn't seen for years. A mom who killed his dad years ago with scissors claiming he was a demon. Was his dad a demon, he didn't believe back then but is starting to believe now. His demons want him to change into them. He is fighting them at the same time that he is trying to find his old flames daughter, who was abducted. He follows clues that lead him to learn that there is a cult who is kidnapping beautiful and smart teenagers for what purpose, he doesn't know. But time is running out, will he find Megan before his demons take him? Will good win or will evil? You will have to read the book to find out.

My Thoughts

This is a great novel with its twists and turns. It captures the attention from the first page. Even though I love and recommend this book, there were a few things that could have made a difference which was there were numbers in places that shouldn't have been there. They might have been page numbers and the other thing was in some places there was a space between paragraphs and in some instances, there was not a space making it hard to figure out if it was the same paragraph. But I was reading the Ebook version and not the hard copy. But after a while, I got used to the numbers and the lack of space and didn't notice. The suspense took over. The author writes about a world in the future and that there might be a civil war. It nots really far fetched that some of this could happen in the real world. Even now in some countries, there are rebellions and civil wars and people divided up into caste groups. Where it's better to be wealthy than poor. I am so glad that I read this book. You are rooting for Steven, will he find Megan and will he become good like he wants to. Can he overcome his demons? It is fast pace. Can't wait to read the next book.
If you love to read fantasy, paranorma, thriller, mystery and some suspense then this is the book for you. This book has a little bit something for every reader. I would recommend this book to any reader.

Review on River of Shame by Susan Clayton-Goldner

I am reviewing another great novel by Susan Clayton-Goldner. It is River of Shame, the fourth mystery book in the Winston Radhauser Series. This 290-page novel was published on September 12, 2018, by Tirgear.
Susan and her 4 brothers grew up in New Castle, Delaware. She has written poems and short stories since she was little. She met her husband, Andreas while she was a Director of Corporate Relations for the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Andreas was a Dean at the University of Arizona's Medical School. Eventually, they left Arizona to live on a 35-acre horse ranch in Williams Valley, Oregon. This is where she writes her novels.

Something evil is going on in the town of Ashland, where Detective Winston Radhauser and his family live. He doesn't like it. Detective Radhauser is on vacation when he gets a call from his boss to come in and interview a victim. There have been brandings of racial slurs on high school kids. Who would do this and why? Then there is a murder in Radhauser's barn, that of a high school boy who worked part-time at his barn. Radhauser is out to find the culprit. Is this murder connected to the branding or is it something different? Then there is the second murder. This is a race against time to find the culprits. Will Detective Winston Radhauser solve the case before there is another murder or branding? You will have to read the novel to find out.

I would recommend this book to any reader who loves a good thriller, mystery, murder, crime, or suspense novel. If you love this book then you need to read the authors first three books of this series.
For me, this was a nail-biting novel. I couldn't put it down until I finished it which I did in one evening. It is fast paced but enjoyable. You will want to have a cup of coffee or tea beside you when you read this book. There are twists and turns all through the book. The characters mesh together and they are believable. This book takes you to a small town where everyone is accepted for who they are until the racial slur brandings are revealed. The town is shocked by this. It goes to show that this can happen in any town. This novel is part of a series but it can be read on its own. The ending did surprise me but that is all I am going to say. The author writes this book in a way that it is not boring but entices you to read until the end.

The Dream Sifter by Candice Bundy review

The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1) by Candice Bundy is considered to be science fiction/fantasy with its world of danger, mystery, horror, and a world ruled by women. This beautifully written book is 578-pages long. It was published on August 14, 2013, by Lusios Publishing Company.

The Author

Candice Bundy lives with her family in Colorado. Her hobbies consist of climbing, gardening, fermenting, wine and mead making. She has worked as a software engineer and in the wine business which she won medals for. She was the Kindle Book Award Nominee for Romance (Semifinalist in 2013 for her book, The Daemon Whisperer).

Other Books Written by Candice

If you like this book then read these other books by Candice:
* The Daemon Whisperer (Paranormal Romance)
* Dreams Manifest ( Book 2 of the Depths of Memory Series, Science Fiction)
* Ripples (Paranormal Horror)

How to get updates from Candice:


Candice Bundy takes you into a world that is ruled by women in the aftermath of the plague.
Nightmares. Are they real or just nightmares?
Rai wakes up to find that she has no memory of her life prior two days ago. Who is she? Why can't she remember? She looks down at her hands and notices that she has a blue triple-moon tattoo with no stars. She knows this means she is barren, a failure to her family and Sept. She learns that she miscarried and almost bled to death which is why the Temple declared her barren. She is more upset that she could have died and that she couldn't contribute to the expanding of the colony than she is about being a mother. She doesn't think she would be a good mother, anyways.
When male and females come of a certain age, they are expected to go to the Temple and do their duty for the colony. The females are there longer than the males except if you are barren then you go home in shame. If you are barren, then you can't get married or own property.
Since Rai can't remember her Sept or life before the Temple, she is placed with the Sept Durmah. She is adopted into the clan. She loves this clan. She settles in with her new family. Her adopted family are merchants and she is helping her new sister when she has nightmares. She starts jotting down her nightmares in a journal hoping to find clues to her past life. Rai finds that she has powers, where did they come from? As she continues trying to find out about her past, her adopted family start to question and doubt her. the fight begins when she learns who she is and why was hidden.
If you don't want to die when you take meds that are given to you by the healers at the Temple. If you see the Guardians coming for you then you know you are infected with the plague. The Guardians are the protectors but will kill anything that is infected. The staff at the Temple are looking for a cure for the plague.
The Temple staff are trying to find a cure for the plague so that no more people die of the plague. One of the infected is immune to the plague. There is hope that this boy is the answer to finding a vaccination for future generations.
This book will grab your attention from the beginning. Even though Rai is the main character, there are many other characters that help with the story. Even though this is a science fiction/fantasy novel, there are also little mysteries to be solved. Who is Rai? Why does she have amnesia and why is she supposed to be dead? Who is tainting the Luna berries, which are the key ingredients in the anti-plague treatments? Why are they tainting the berries?
This book would be great for readers who love to read science fiction, fantasy, novels about colonization, galactic empires, and visionary novels.

Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth

About the Book

"Stellar" by Kevin Hollingsworth is an enchanting book of poetry that tells the story of love through proses of tragedy, love, and romance in 107 poems. This wonderful book of 142-pages of poetry was published by Southern Owl Publications, LLC on October 2017 but his first edition was on January 2018.

The Author

Kevin was born on September 20, 1968, in New York City. As a child, he was a dreamer. He and his family moved to Los Angeles California when he was a young child. He didn't start to write poetry until later in life. He shared his poetry with his family and friends.
In 2009, he published his first poetry book, "Wonders" and his second book, "Romance With A Touch of Love" in 2011.
You can follow him on the following sites:
or at

In each of his poems, the theme is of love whether it be romance, tragedy, or something else. This is the author's third book of poetry since he first started writing in 2009.
This book of poems is told through the eyes of the author who seems of had experiences of his own on the topic of love. As you read this beautiful prose of figurative language that author doesn't blame anyone for the loss of love. This book is compelling from the first poem that you read until the last one. I am so glad that I read this book. It brings out the romantic in me as well as the emotions as I read this book.
As you go through the book, you will notice that a lot of the names of poems are titled in a woman's name. This book also has some illustrations and pictures to go with the poems.
My favorite poem is titled Happy Mothers Day. It is written to all mothers and is written beautifully. The way he writes makes it easy to understand and paints a picture in your mind of what it is about


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read the poetry of any kind. This book would be great for poets who are published and beginner poets. This is great for the romantics.

Book Review on Til Death Do Us Part by Stephanie Ayers

Want to know what happens when an engagement ring goes on a killing spree, then you need to read Stephanie Ayers, 50- page Til Death Do Us Part. This book was published on November 30, 2013, by Bannerwing Books.

What was meant to be a happy occasion turns deadly when Ian, a co-worker buys a classic Tiffany cut diamond ring. The ring goes on a deadly spree before it comes back to the intended person. The ring changes hands and leaves death behind. The ring goes from a young delivery person to an orderly and his daughter, a drug addict twin brother, to a drug dealer then ends up at a pawn shop before it ends up to the person it was intended to.
I love this book and read it all at one time. It is easy and simple to read and follow. This is a great book for anyone who loves to read a short story on romance, and horror. This is an action, thrilling packed short story that will keep you attached to this book until you read to the end.

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Book Review on The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci by Belle Ami

If you loved The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, then you will want to read this 240-page The Girl Who Knew Da Vinci (Out of Time Thriller #1) by Belle Ami. This interesting book was published on June 1, 2018 by Tema N. Merback

Belle Ami lives with husband, two children, a dog, and a horse in California. She has written other books previously before writing this novel. Her first novel was a Finalist for a National Book Award. Belle is the Kathryn McBride Scholar of the Brynn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Her hobbies consist of skiing, hiking, cooking, spinning, boxing, and of course, writing.

The two main characters are Angela Renatus, an art historian, who is haunted by dreams of the past and Alex Caine, who is an art detective looking for a painting for his client. Another character is Scordato, Angela's old boss, who is also looking for the painting.
Angela is an art historian, working for Scordato. She is being haunted by dreams at night and during the day, having trouble with her boss. Alex was hired by his client to look for a painting that could repair his client's families reputation. Scordato is also looking for the same painting and thinks Angela will lead him to it. He will do anything to get that painting. After quitting her job, Angela is hired by Alex to help him find that painting. In the process, they get closer and find out that their lives have intertwined for generations. In their past lives, they have loved each other but it ended in tragedy. The ghosts of their past lives wants them to find the painting. Will finding the painting, break the curse of their past or will they die trying to find it? Will Scordato find the painting before they do? You will have to read the book to find out.

I enjoyed reading this book. What I loved about this book was that some of the characters were real. After reading this novel, I had to go on Google and check out the different characters and reading about their real life. It was interesting and it made the book more real. This format was fast paced and easy to read and follow with it going back and forth between the future and past lives of Angela. The storyline was intriguing and the characters meshed together that it was believable. It kept me reading from the first page until the end.

The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the bedroom scenes. The book could have worked better without them. The main characters were either thinking about it or they were doing it. There were some pages that I skipped over because of those scenes. I didn't realize that there would be so many when I first started this book. 

I rate this book, 3 out of 4 stars. I gave this rating because it was a captivating story from the first page. I couldn't find any grammar mistakes. Even though I liked this book, it had too many bedroom scenes for my taste. I don't regret reading this book because the rest of it was great. If you love thrillers, then this is the book for you. This novel has a touch of the supernatural, romance, and crime all in one book. This novel is only for adult readers since there are many bedroom scenes and some violence. If you don't like bedroom scenes, then don't read this book.